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A Somali Journalist Seeking an Intervention Globally in the Past Two Decades:

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Somalia: Planning for the Future

Somalia: Planning for the Future

Friends Of Somalia Initiative -.As per the World Media Publications of the chronic and forgotten case of the Somali Journalist Kassim Isse Dhuhulow in the south Asia, particularly in India. Now the case gets much gearing up with popularity and eminence in the eyes of the humanitarian global workers about his deep pathetic, hardships and troubles faced here in India for last two decades. Unfortunately, the reporter having the status of the Refugees Certificate of the mandate of the UNHCR from the Headquarters in Geneva Switzerland under Geneva Convention in 1951; came to India on 22 April 2003 and he registered under the UNHCR on 13 May 2005.

As we are the Central Somali Community in India, ( writing an extremely appealing and gripe to the International Community, Donor Countries, Indian Government and Concerned Humanitarian Organization who always helping and supporting to the Refugees to give much attention to the Somali Journalist case which was forgotten by the UNHCR. The journalist do not get his basic rights of the Humanitarian rights and basic Human Needs for the last two decades as the Hindu National News paper published already the case needs an urgent as well as much assistance and in strong advocacy a Globally.

Our Somali Journalist case is remaining as a detainee and marooned with single status and he lives jobless for the past two decades, he can’t grit one’s teeth any more, enough is enough Indians claiming that Largest democratic people where is Humanity, and Indian Nation do not sign Geneva Convention of the Refugees programs in 1951 so that the refugees are with illegal status and smugglers as per Indian constitutions and Indian Law but everything is under black market in the Indian side, really there is no humanity at all as everything Under money power and Corruption basis. So that the case needs the sanity and intervention from different elite society as a Humanity in order to eliminate all evils going on under ground and get a durable solution to our reporter quickly.

In fact the main grudge and the discord of the UNHCR branch staffs, it’s about Media scrutiny reporting as a core crucial and crank out of the Humanitarian transparency, mismanagement,perception,freedom of the Journalism and even related the normal expressions of the Human being and that is why the UNHCR officials make them displease because it’s crank out/exposition all hided things with an alert lights and also they couldn’t glancing in one second the progress, development of the Refugees, there is no liberation, esteem in the Journalists. In particular, those who making daily ascertaining reports about the transparency/ expose of the dilate/expansion of the Humanitarian abuses of the UNHCR and their NGO’s partner here in India.

That is why the Somali Journalist applicant became something like discard/crap, also he couldn’t overcome the obstacles craps/sanctions/ban, it means garroting to the Media what are they doing the UNHCR officials in particularly in his case and what is more he can’t apply/claim Humanitarian visas from the Donor Countries also he couldn’t receive any kind of rights from the UNHCR office in New Delhi-India as per International Law and Humanitarian violations acts 1951 in Geneva Switzerland.The Refugees should access all basic Human needs alone and to reach to the displaced people and it’s unfortunate to the Refugees and the Community ascribed to the UN Refugees Agency because the Refugees are without rights and Voiceless in South Asia, particularly in India for instance see this case struggling for his basic Rights and only he makes body shaking only like Fish under the deep hot salt-mine in a cooker with their unlimited persecution and also suffering the pernicious anemia, Heart palpitations, a gastric ulcer, joint pain as already reported in the Media and he wasted his teen age, living with the biggest disaster glib of Corruption, he is never grow away/independence from a Gang activities/assassinations, groaning about dark nights pain and grinding situations as he is coop up here in India for the Past two decades.

To whom the UNHCR office in New Delhi-India is being opened? For the Refugees or Other mission Operations? When our Journalist gets his breathes of the Human being liberation esteems from the UNHCR persecutions in India?.

Sources : The Central Somali Community in India 

The Hindu National News Paper in India.


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